theSUNK | the Sh!t U Need to Know. Fat Girls are simply just Simply Sexy

theSUNK | the Sh!t U Need to Know. Fat Girls are simply just Simply Sexy

theSunk (first anonymous poster) we follow one another on twitter and I also really thought u didn’t like fat girls. Silly me. Anywho Ur right this will depend regarding the chick. I’m really proud to see my poem/short tale posted in fellatio diaries. Fan regarding the We We Blog. Continue the good work.

dating for a long time before marriage

Well we highly Dislike this because your telling me personally the sex is way better with Fat Bitches. Fuck No i do believe that shyt is nasty unless they truly are neat and at the very least features a face that is cute. That’s like saying sex with Fat Men is good FUCK No…..Please DOn’t give these Fat Bitches reasons to do something up

You stated intercourse with fat bitches is nasty…have you attempted it? You said “Sex with Fat Men is great. Fuck No!” Have you tried that? Therefore in what you composed, you’re telling me personally sex w/ smelly skinny fugly bitches is delicious–so then i definitely want to be wrong if you are right. Therefore comfort be with you.

this post makes me smile… i swear men are available in two versions.. those who sing the praises of big girls and people that secretly bang you enjoy your time with the plumper ladies… carry on good sir… with them… i’m glad

I will be a fat girl.. the compliment we get the maximum benefit is i have a pretty face and also for the males which get to sample my gushy i get that i’m actually enjoyable in bed…

Im face that is pretty enjoyable in bed sounds promising. Im happy you enjoyed the post

I do believe all guys love them a girl that is fat. Almost all of the dudes I’ve ever been with have already been athletic dudes with good figures.Fat girls are perfect!

*snorts*…this was hilarious. imagwene i shouldnt try to lose any longer fat. lol

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