9 Rules For Friends With Pros – What It Surely Means

9 Rules For Friends With Pros – What It Surely Means

To start – we like to start off with a concept of friends-with-benefits for anybody whom can be confusing on this term and exactly what it means.

(often buddies with advantages is reduced to just FWB – or even even #FWB for you Twitter fiends. )

The Urban Dictionary defines it such as this:

Buddies with advantages: Two buddies that have a relationship that is sexual being emotionally involved. Typically two friends who’ve casual intercourse with no relationship that is monogamous almost any dedication.

Pretty straightforward. We’d go with that.

And Wikipedia claims it similar to this:

Casual intercourse – an activity that is sexual takes places outside of an enchanting relationship and implies a lack of dedication, psychological accessory, or familiarity between sexual lovers. Examples are sex in casual relationships, one-night stands, extramarital intercourse, prostitution, or moving.

WOWZA! That is a pretty broad meaning. But I guess it has to since it includes casual sex of any kind.Read More