Sexuality and sex. Libido. Sex. Sexual Satisfaction

Sexuality and sex. Libido. Sex. Sexual Satisfaction


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Another criterion for determining “sexual task” is sexual interest:

libido is wish to have experience of another body that is person’s for the pleasure which such contact creates; sexual intercourse is task which has a tendency to meet such desire of this agent. (Goldman 1977: 268)

A “sexual act” (or “activity”, in Goldman’s terms) is activity “which tends to meet” sexual interest.

The definition appears right: exactly just what else is just an intimate work if not just one that satisfies or “tends to” satisfy desire that is sexual? However it faces counter-examples. A prostitute doing fellatio on a guy does it (typically) not to ever satisfy or meet her sexual interest, but in order to make cash. Nor does the act tend to satisfy her desire, for she may have none become satisfied. Therefore satisfying sexual interest is not essential for a task become intimate. If it is sufficient depends upon what we suggest by “satisfaction” or “fulfillment”. If it indicates “the desire is not any longer sensed when it comes to time being” or “the desire is gone”, satisfying desire that is sexual never be adequate. Going for a shower that is cold an effective resting tablet, as well as simply concentrating on something different may get rid regarding the intimate desire, yet these tasks aren’t intimate. If “satisfying sexual desire” means, “the desire achieves its objective” (which can be intimate satisfaction), satisfying sexual desire by a specific task could be adequate for that activity become intimate, nevertheless the meaning becomes circular. The criterion of libido, then, doesn’t achieve determining “sexual act”.

A definition of “sexual activity” is hard to find by the above criteria. One reason that is crucial be that everything we commonly think is really an intimate work will not rely on one criterion: behavior, motives, experience of parts of the body, etc., are likely involved with respect to the context.Read More