Let me make it clear more info on First Kiss at a Sp ky Soiree

Let me make it clear more info on First Kiss at a Sp ky Soiree

A online game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

VERY FIRST KISS AT A SP KY SOIREE is just a novel that is visual for Yuri Jam 2016. you perform as marzipan, a witch that is light’s gone her expereince of living without kissing anyone–UNTIL TODAY! you can find 10 endings, with 8 figures to kiss.

content advisory some language that is strong. occasional display screen shakes. life-threatening cuteness.

you can easily play an internet form of this video game RIGHT HERE

have the soundtrack HERE!

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Another game that is amazing the amazing Nami! I acquired all of the endings, it absolutely was actually sweet plus the photos are gorgeous.

hello! could I ask getting to chirval’s ending? i couldn’t believe it is by myself and it is the very last one I want to accomplish the video game, but there is howevern’t such a thing in regards to the three endings that are new the guide. I must say I enjoyed the overall game in addition.Read More